School Principal Message


Education is a means of taking human beings on the path of humanity. If the educated person is deprived of human sensitivity, value, rites and mutual co-existence, then addressing it as educated is an insult to education. Sukta, like "Vidya Dadati Vinayam", is not only the outer cover of our ideals, but in our lives, we can establish social harmony and humanity on this earth even more than the paradise.
This is my appeal to the responsible citizens, family members, society and institution towards the germinated and erupted future captains in this garden of knowledge of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chudachandpur, that every single sprouting and fruitful plantation in its concentration will be sung by its hard work and affection. In its cool shadow you can relax in your old age.

I appeal to all the students studying in our school to take the real love for education to life and urge their scholarly teachers to come together, let us all together make the structure of such an environment in which the future generations themselves will change as an educated person.